Friday, April 15, 2011

Holy Shit

So, once again I managed to strike gold and put the right password in. Unfortunately I was just goofing around and didn't actually write down the different variations I was using. Will try to reset this password and maybe do some more posting. Heh, funny thing, I used to love putting things up on here. Now I just feel burnt out. Hard to keep up with the constant insanity that is our current state of affairs. Just reading about it and watching it every day takes all the fuel right out of me, leaving none for here.

Checking my favorite blog roll, it would seem I'm not the only one who's taken an extended break, gone to prison, or just plain given up. lol Well, given up in the sense that filling this little corner of the interwebs is at the absolute bottom of the priority list. But one never really knows what the future holds. Perhaps I'll find that spark of motivation that drove me to write so much in the past.

Until then, keep your head down, eyes and ears open, and give em no quarter.

(Edit: I actually did it. Password reset to something I cannot forget. Now, no excuses except absolute laziness and apathy. lol  P.S. If anyone using Firefox knows how to comment on here let me know plz. I can't ever get my comments to work, which pisses me off to no end...)