Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fear Spreads Among The P.I.G.S

Economists have warned that the crisis in Greece could spread to other European countries, and perhaps even cause another global meltdown. A series of violent demonstrations in Greece, brought on after the government cut benefits in the public sector sent markets reeling.

Now it would appear that the the civil unrest witnessed in Greece has indeed begun to spread to the other European nations with the worst economic standing. Known (somewhat ironically) as the "PIGS"; Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain are all considered to be in serious economic trouble. Anger at the Italian governments proposal to cut public sector benefits turned to protests outside Italy's parliament in Rome.

"Waving banners, blowing whistles and chanting "Shame!", hundreds of public service workers rallied outside Italy's parliament in Rome to protest against the austerity package announced by the centre-Right government of Silvio Berlusconi...Its combined national debt is among the largest in Europe, on a par with Greece, standing at 118 per cent of GDP - in other words, Italy owes more than its entire economy produces in a year..." (Read the rest here)

One has to wonder how long it will be before the throngs of angry old ladies begins to turn into mobs of black hooded anarchists. And how much longer before Spain, with its 20% (!) unemployment starts to see angry crowds in its own streets?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Korean Peninsula Heats Up

South Korean navy begins anti-sub exercises after NORK subs "disappear". North Korea threatens immediate attack if maritime border crossed. And to top it all off, the Russians are sending massive naval reinforcements to the North Koreans for what they claim is a naval exercise (scheduled prior to the current conflict of course...).

Hard to call this one. One would think that if the South Koreans were going to do something about the blatant declaration of war against them, they would have done it by now. Oh, did I mention that the CHICOMS are promising to block any UN sanctions against the NORKS?

(Update: "SINGAPORE, June 5 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Lee Myung- bak said Saturday here that there will be no full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula despite rising tensions over there."

One of these days I'll start listening to my gut. I knew from the time the South Koreans ran to the Useless Nations that they were looking for a non-violent out. Then, some major blustering by us, and Russia, China, and the usual suspects, and it was beginning to look like maybe war after all. I should have known better...)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's News Today?

So, what has been going on of late?

~(Note: This entry has been recently updated and edited.) Possible war in the Korean Peninsula? Word has leaked out that crazy Kim, the NORK dictator has ordered his army to prepare for war.
(New Updates)Just over the wire: South Koreans have expelled all NORK workers from joint North/South Korean industrial complex at border...South Korean ships in joint US military exercise along border of NORK waters...South Korean ships in NORKS waters...NORK cuts all ties with South, expels diplomats...South begins pre-invasion propaganda campaign via loudspeakers at DMZ...developing...
(Looks like I greatly underestimated the South Koreans resolve....)

~On the domestic front, Arizona governor Jan Brewer has come out swinging over the recent Arizona immigration laws. Check out this one:

Gov. Brewer is the the kind of politician we need around here. Good God, If only we could get her to move to Michigan! Keep up the good fight Brewer! Give em no quarter.
Drop by and give them your support.

~On a related note, Mexico released a thinly veiled threat in form of an ad in the Arizona Republic:

Alas, hackers have entered the immigration fray, changing electronic road signs to display "No Latinos, No Tacos". Personally, I thought the Zombie signs were better.

~The economy is still in the in the dumps, with any signs of hope quickly wiped away by new problems. The stock market was well under ten thousand when I woke up today and the European welfare states seem to be on the precipice.

On a happy note, it's beautiful out and me thinks it's time to head outdoors.