Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Islam: Not Just Any Old Religion

The most profound mistake Americans make when dealing with islam is that they view it in the same light that they view every other religion. It is not a religion in the classical sense. It is much  more than just a religion. It is a religious, social, economic, and militant geo-political power cult. Until we in America began to
view it in its true context, we will continue to be washed away by the wave of islamo-fascism which is once again attempting to drown the free and open societies of the west.

     That tsunami has already crashed down upon Europe. The weak and corrupt social experiments in countries across the continent have proved incapable of preserving traditional societies. Most of Europe has been swamped by the relentless wave, with a few pockets of resistance devolving into open street warfare. Denmark, France, the UK,  all have succumbed to one extent or another to the flood of islamo-fascism; voluntarily changing their societies in fundamental ways in a failed attempt to integrate moslems. The UK has separate court systems for moslems, France suffers through violent street riots, Denmark watches entire neighborhoods become war zones, with violent clashes and day light shoot-outs between moslem groups and locals. It has devolved to the point where drawing a comic sets of bloody riots around the world; embassies torched, dozens killed. And still, wrapped in the warm blanket of "multiculturalism", Western governments refuse to even speak the name of our enemy. Why fight, when it's so much easier to submit?

     I once knew a few members of a local motorcycle club. They were all violent crooks. They would plot and plan various criminal acts, and when one or a few of them were caught, they would claim that they acted alone. The motorcycle gang had nothing to do with it. "We're just a group of people with an interest in motorcycles..." they would say.  They cops knew its was BS. The courts knew it was BS. The gang knew it was BS. But they "gamed" the system and carried on with their activities.
     This is the same thing islam does. They "game" the system. Under the guise of "religion" they infiltrate societies and use the tolerance and openness of that society against itself. What islam has been unable to do with sword and spear, it has been largely able to accomplish through manipulation., using violence when necessary but often getting more done through subversion.

     We all need to have a better understanding of islam. A true understanding, of its history, its teachings, and its intent. Not the "understanding" of islam fed to us be the sycophant zombie media.  Islam is one of the most intolerant forces in the world today.  We in the West stand for freedom for everyone. We always have. If we intend to continue to defend freedom and liberty, we must be vigilant in our fight against intolerance and tyranny, even when it's hidden under the guise of a "religion".

Below are posts to a site that gives a very thorough and in depth explanation of islam. I strongly suggest that you read the information. Know it, understand it, and spread the understanding around.

It is possible to live in an society where moslems can freely and openly practice islam. It is impossible to do so if we refuse to recognize and confront it when it raises its radical head.

Islam 101

The Dhimmi Code


  1. The Jerusalem Countdown is also a very good book that explains a lot of what is going on now.

  2. Most of the books written by Steyn, and Spencer have talked about the very things you (and others) have addressed regarding Islam. It is a cancer spreading throughout the world. The (Western) Civilization has already developed more then one tuner, and it is spreading. Once the last bastion of freedom, the US, falls to this malignancy it will no longer be a question of if, but of when.

  3. True statement Guy. It gives a glimpse of why, if for no other reason, Israel is so important to the US. It is no less than our Rubicon; the gateway to the West where the barbarians have gathered. To lose it means more than losing an allie. It means a point has been crossed from which pluralist Western democracies most likely will not return.

    A poor analogy in todays modern age perhaps, but true none the less.