Tuesday, August 17, 2010

911 Mosque

This is really kind of a no brainier isn't it? If moslems really wanted to build bridges, they would come out publicly and declare that due to the overwhelming response, they will build elsewhere.

Now listen up and listen close. My views on freedom and liberty are pretty clear. But islam is not a religion in the way that we classically view religion in this country. It's more akin to geo-political power cult.

Let's assume that it's not islamic fundamentalism that the west, (and most of the rest of the world it seems) is in constant conflict with. In fact, lets replace "islam" and "moslem" with something else, say, "Catholicism" and "Catholics" . Let's say it's Catholics who strap on bombs and blow themselves up all over the world, saw people's heads off, stone people to death, etc.

Let's say it was 19 Catholics who hijacked those planes and now want to build a church there. Still a problem? Absolutely. Because in this case, it's not about religious tolerance. It's about cultural will. Do we have the will to stand up and say, "This is an obvious fuck you. We're not gonna let it slide?"

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  1. Dude,

    There is already a Mosque like a block or two away from where they want to build this thing. And there are about 100 Mosques in NYC proper.

    If this is so important, why hasn't one of them already made a 9/11 memorial? Why do they need to build so close to the WTC site? Why do they want to name it after the first mosque built when they conquered Spain in the 700's?

    Co-incidence? Don't think so.

    Also, it looks like the Imam behind all this has already made some pretty radical statements. Of course he is touring the Middle East courtesy of the state department.


  2. I tried to post a comment here a couple times, but seem to be having a lot of trouble doing so. So, I wrote a new post baciscaly along the same lines as what I was trying to post as a comment here.


    You are correct. It really doesn;t have anything to do with religious tolerance. It has ecverything to do with cultural will. That seems to be something islam has in abundance, and the west is severaly lacking.

    No one ran oslems out of the country after 9-11. In fact the opposite happened in many places, with non-moslems making an extra effort to show that we embrace our fellow moslma citizens.

    But to ignore the rise of violent islamo-fascism is to invite cultural suicide.