Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Uhg, What A Loser

Speaking of myself of course. Seems I've been in a writing slump the last couple months. Being busy isn't excuse enough. Fact is, I just haven't felt much like writing anything.

That being said, There is always the nagging little tingle in the back of my brain-case, a constant reminder that I need to post something on here. (How can one not, with all that's going on?) So I'm taking that as a good sign. Hopefully soon it will bother me enough that I'll clear a few hours on my calendar one Sunday afternoon, and write another historical piece. The American Southwest/Mexican history piece seems to get a lot of hits, so maybe that is the right direction to go in.

What do you guys think? What historical subject would you like to see something written on?

On a side note, are any of you guys sci-fi fans? Do you like to read? I recently played through Metro 2033 on the ole' Xbox 360. The game was so good I've been searching for the supposedly free English translation of the book by Dmitry Glukhovsky online. If any of you have read it, or know where one can find the online version, please, please drop me a line.



  1. Missed you man, but I hear you. It's just been to hot to sit at the computer. This summer has been brutal so far.

    Philo, I have always been curious about "The Militia". Is it truly what has evolved into the National Guard or something completely different?

    I always thought it was something like what Israel does, every Israeli after compulsory service, keeps a gun and kit ready to defend Israel.

    I was curious what our history truly says about this. But to even mention the word "Militia" in NY causes NY liberals to have visions of evil right wing veteran Christian terrorists goose stepping around the statue of Liberty.

    Love Sci-Fi, haven't played Metro 2033 though. I like fantasy too. Recently, I've been stuck reading the 12 volume Drow series by R.A. Savatore. Amazing... Much better than the Lord of the Rings.

  2. The Militia is a great one! It's funny, because that was always such a given, and now we must defend it. Give me a little time. I'm almost through the worst of the summer class schedule, but have an entire month off upcoming.

    I'll look up the Drow series; I'm always down with checking out new books.

  3. Heck, give me anything by RAH, and I am a happy guy. (Re-reading "Time Enough For Love" right now.) Last video game I finished was Dragon Age: Origins (both the PC version and the one ported for the Mac, and yes, even us old farts play em now and again).