Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They Come For The American Dream, The Give Us The American Nightmare

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Those words spoken today by Jamiel Shaw, who's son, Jamiel Shaw II was gunned down by illegal gang-banger Pedro Espinoza. Espinoza has a criminal record stretching back to his early youth, and had been released from the county jail one day before murdering the younger Shaw, a star football player with a promising future.

Shaw's father pleaded with the LA County board of Commissioners not to enact a boycott of the state of Arizona. Arizona's new immigration law would require law enforcement to inquire about a persons immigration status, after having made contact on an unrelated police matter. It should be noted that Arizona's new law in no where near as intrusive as the established federal immigration law, which allows federal agents to stop, detain, and inquire about a persons immigration status at any time, and for no compelling reason. Those who are against the new Arizona law, and the rising tide of anti-illegal sentiment in the country, seem to be either ignorant of what the Arizona law actual says, or, are upset that there's an immigration law in the country that might actually be enforced.

Below are a list of links to sites chronicling the chaos that illegal immigrants have wrought on our nation.,0,7366997.story

(Listing of victims at

I would respectfully request that readers, regardless of their position on the immigration issue, take some time to acquaint themselves with the real, human cost of illegal immigrants.

As noted at the top of the site, Philo's The Republic supports Arizona, and any other efforts to secure our borders, and ensure the safety of American citizens. As a father myself, I express the most sincere condolences to the parents of Jamiel Shaw II. I have tried to understand how it must feel, to raise a child, to put your heart and soul into their very being, and to have that stolen away. To discover after the fact, that your child would still be alive if not for the absolute disregard for our laws by a few political hacks is a weight I don't think I could bear. My prayers go out to the family of the younger Shaw, and to all the families and victim's of the crimes wrought upon us by illegal aliens.

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