Friday, May 28, 2010

Korean Peninsula Heats Up

South Korean navy begins anti-sub exercises after NORK subs "disappear". North Korea threatens immediate attack if maritime border crossed. And to top it all off, the Russians are sending massive naval reinforcements to the North Koreans for what they claim is a naval exercise (scheduled prior to the current conflict of course...).

Hard to call this one. One would think that if the South Koreans were going to do something about the blatant declaration of war against them, they would have done it by now. Oh, did I mention that the CHICOMS are promising to block any UN sanctions against the NORKS?

(Update: "SINGAPORE, June 5 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Lee Myung- bak said Saturday here that there will be no full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula despite rising tensions over there."

One of these days I'll start listening to my gut. I knew from the time the South Koreans ran to the Useless Nations that they were looking for a non-violent out. Then, some major blustering by us, and Russia, China, and the usual suspects, and it was beginning to look like maybe war after all. I should have known better...)


  1. Yeah, I think a lot of bluster will occur, then... Nothing.

    China will do everything she can to block any sanctions against the Norks, let alone physical action.

    China is our manufacturer of choice right now, so this administration does not want to upset them. What a way to run a railroad....

  2. It all seems to fall in line with the CHICOMS overall strategy of becoming THE dominant power in the region. They know they can't out fight us, despite their increase in military investments.

    Their goal is to make it so costly for us to even be involved in the area that we either:
    A.) Give up entirely and go home
    B.) Collapse from being to over extended.

    In short, the CHICOMS, through their proxies in North Korea and their own blustering are doing the exact same thing to us that we did to the Russians.

    The only question is; will we suffer the safe fate that the Russians did...

    If you have some free time, this is a good technological report on the CHICOM abilitiesIt is the and strategies:

  3. Excerpt:

    "Unless Beijing and Tehran divert from their current course of action, or Washington undertakes actions to offset or counterbalance the effects of their
    military buildups, it is practically certain that the cost incurred by the US military
    to maintain access to two areas of vital interest will rise sharply, perhaps to
    prohibitive levels, and perhaps much sooner than many expect..."