Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fuck You Mayor Bloomberg

You know, I've made a conscious effort to slowly steer this little blog away from lunch room brawl time, while trying to explore issues with a little more thought and clarity.

I am going to voluntarily suspend that effort now however, in response to one of the most despicable, un-American, sickening things I've ever heard or seen.

We all know what happened in Times Square, New York. For those of you who have missed it, it was a plot by a Paki-American who parked a car bomb in Times Square.
(Surprise! Contrary to early reports that is was a 40'ish white guy.)

But how many of you know that right now, as we speak, Bloomberg and his head Cop are rallying Congress to "close the terrorist gap" in America's gun laws.

Yep, that's right. Mayor Bloomberg and his cronies are asking that America's gun laws becoming even more restrictive. They sited, among others, a car bombing and a case in which the terrorist shot several people with his military issued weapon(s).

Mayor Bloomberg, I mean this with the utmost sincerity: Fuck You. You are a despicable partisan hack, who seeks to push a political agenda, refuted by every bit of information available, by framing our greatest of rights as an aid to terrorists.

Fuck You Bloomberg. I fear more than ever for the citizens of New York knowing that an ignorant son of a bitch like you is supposed to be looking out for them.

(Update: Senator Graham stating his concerns over American's 2nd Amendment rights. Every time I start to really dislike Graham, he starts to make me like him. Then, he makes me not like him again. Cut It Out Graham!)


  1. New York already has some of the most ridiculous gun laws in the nation. But going after NY gun owners was not enough, Bloomberg also has also brought lawsuits against gun dealers in other states.

    Very sad indeed, but reasons like this and the constant job decline in NY are reasons why people are fleeing out of here and going down south.

  2. I wrote a term paper in college on the effects of gun prohibition, not just in America, but across the "developed" nations. Gun control serves absolutely no purpose in stopping crime. Period. It doesn't stop people from killing themselves.
    What it does do is give criminals an unbelievable advantage over honest citizens.

    A gun is just an inanimate object. It takes a person with ill-intent to turn it into a tool of evil.

    The factor that needs to be addressed is the people.

  3. Philo, one of my favorite BC Comic strips has a guy in a weapons shop asking for a sword. The clerk says, "There is a 7 day waiting period on swords". He then asks about axes and the clerk says he can buy that today.

    Next thing you see is the clerk walking home with a big bag of money. The customer that was in the store jumps out from behind a rock with the axe in his hand!

    You are right, a gun is a tool. Guns don't kill people, or rob people, people kill people...

  4. Apparently Mayor Mike was talking about starting a permanent nation gun purchase database. The law currently forces the government to destroy any record of purchases within 24 hours of the buy confirmation and criminal check. Wonder why people would be against a permanent national gun database?

    From what I'm reading, they're pushing back hard against this bill. There's a good article about the whole thing here: