Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arizona Law Leads Administration To Dilemma

If the federal government is considering legal action against Arizona, for preempting the federal immigration laws, wouldn't they also have to take legal action against all the "sanctuary cities" as well? Just askin....

I was thinking the other day. If illegals were strongly "right-leaning" Like the majority of legal immigrants from all around the world are, would the left be so hot and heavy for them?

That lead me to another thought: Alan Colmes on FOX news said the other day that America should have an "open borders" policy. He claims that if they come up here, but can't find work, they'll go home. What if they come here looking for work but find instead a massive cradle to grave social infrastructure? Why go back home when you can live here on welfare, food stamps and free medical care?

If nothing else, the lefties are always good for a laugh...

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