Monday, April 5, 2010

Leftist Windbags Spew Vitriol, Hilarity Ensues...

Funny, though admittedly not surprising bit from the radio today, on my way into school:
Leftist hack Chris Matthews spewing hateful rhetoric in an attempt to criticize those who he claims spews hateful rhetoric. Specifically, Matthews takes issue with Rush Limbaugh, (Who I really think Matthews has some sort of man-crush on) for referring to the Obama Admin as a "regime". According to Matthews there is simply no place in this great democracy, (Yes, I know it's not a democracy, but that is another story...)for that kind of language and Limbaugh is a big underwater walrus or some such thing for using said language.
Now, I want the one or two other people who drop by here to take a seat and prep yourself for what comes next.....

Apparently a few minutes on google and what do we get? I mean besides a plethora of lefties referring to the former admin as a regime? Come on now, you know. Matthews himself referring to the former admin as,
get ready for it,
a "regime".

Thanks to Matthews for giving such a clear and easy to understand explanation as to why no one watches people like him anymore.

>>> In a related note, Rachel Maddow's male alter-ego, David Shuster may be getting the boot from MSNBC. Sadly, if he does get the boot, we'll miss gems like this. And what about the seven people who watch MSNBC? Oh, the humanity!

>>>If you follow cyber "stuff" like I do, you'll probably find some interest in a great piece on the current state of open warfare between the CHICOMS, numerous proxies, and the western powers.

>>>Rhetoric against "T.E.A. Party" activists has reached a fevered pitch, perhaps brought about by a recent Gallup poll showing that approximately 51% of the activists are, (shock, gasp) not republicans. They are, in fact, independents and democrats. Cue snare drum...

That is all,

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