Monday, April 26, 2010

I Promise

I will post some more stuff soon. Just been too busy of late....

In the mean time, enjoy these cartoons of the prophet Mohammad. Being that I am a free American, living in a free and open society, I will not fold like those despicable cowards over at comedy central.

Oh yeah, May 20th has officially become, "Draw Mohammad Day". Make sure you do your part. Feel free to steal these pics and post them everywhere you go, just like I have.



    This is a test of the free speech system, this is only a test:
    Beer for my camels and a high chair for my wife.

  2. Duke! Hello my friend, long time no see. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    An unbelievable display of cowardice isn't it? And Comedy Central of all places. So edgy and controversial these artists and entertainers are...Meh, should have stuck to the Jesus jokes I guess.

    And the backlash against "Everyone Draw Mohamed Day"! And not just by Moslems, (which is entirely predictable and even understandable to a point) but from Americans!

    Like I've always said, "When it stops being worth it, you don't deserve it."

  3. I'm doing fine Philo, thanks and the same to you. I've stopped visiting TVPC because they try to infect my machine with a trojan called Bloodhound.Exploit.292, making my anti-virus program react aggresively and making viewing impossible. Too bad, now instead of "tell your friends", I have to warn my friends.

  4. You're kidding! I'll have to look that one up. Can't say I've heard of Bloodhound before, but they change them all the time. haven't been to TVPC since they dropped FOX news. I do go to a website that carries the feeds though. email me at sometime and I'll send you some good info ;)