Saturday, March 20, 2010

Daily News Brief

Well, it looks like Sunday is the day. Come Monday we'll either be America still, or some sort of quasi-European social experiment. I hate to say it, but I think this is a done deal. When looking back of the last one hundred plus years of steady European-style progressive encroachment, no honest person can say that we have been winning the war. Sure, we've won some battles, but on a whole, we've lost this fight.

On a semi-related story, yet another reason to hate Google has emerged. Is anyone surprised that one of the statist's biggest supporters is so willing to piss in the military's face?

In local news, we're waiting to find out if Stupak is going to fold in typical lefty fashion, or actually have a little integrity and vote no. If he does, I may have to place at least one check next to a (D) come election time.

Almost forgot. It's snowing out here again. Said we'll get about an inch. Looks like I didn't burn enough plastic in the back yard after all. Time to log off and create some global warming.

That is all.

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