Monday, March 8, 2010

Daily News Brief

I have a few moments while the paint is drying, so I thought I'd drop a daily news brief.
Let's see what's going on in the world today:

>>>Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y), who was going to resign amid allegations that he had sexually harassed a male staffer has done an abrupt 180, now claiming that the charge is an attempt by the White House get rid of him. Massa claims that the reason the White House wants to see him gone is because he will oppose Obama's attempt to create a socialized medical system similar to the debacle in Europe and Canada. Massa'a change of heart came in part from a bizarre episode in which he claims a naked Rahm Emanuel confronted him in the shower at a gym.

>>>In what may turn out to be the opening salvo in a much larger open, global conflict, China has launched an unprecedented series of cyber attacks on American and Eu intelligence and government networks. So far the attacks have fallen into two basic categories: attempting to shut down power systems and stealing intelligence information. While the US and Britain have been actively fighting back against the attacks, the intelligence apparatus of EU member-states has been essentially paralyzed.

>>>Not content to build nuclear weapons, Iran has announced it has began production of a new cruise missile. This is especially worrisome for America, who's ability to use "force projection" to ensure stability, protect her international interests, and her own security relies heavily on it's carrier-based battle groups. Nearly impenetrable, the carrier-based battle groups are susceptible to attacks by surface-to-surface missiles. A fact that America has tried to address by beefing up not only its anti-missile laser defense capabilities, but it's Aegis defense systems. Not to mention redesigning the US south-east Asian military conflict strategy. Basing a new surface-to-surface cruise missile battery along the Straight of Hormuz would essentially shut it down, causing major disruption to the global oil supply.

Ever hear that old saying,

"History repeats itself..."?

I'm beginning to wonder if we're not on the road to repeat the bloody and chaotic first half of the last century. Looked at from afar and taken as a whole, it's starting to look that way.

That is all.


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