Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chalk Up Another One For The Lefty's

What are these people doing to my great state?

"Mich. Gov. holds press conference to announce giving $9.1 million in tax breaks to scam artist
By: Mark Hemingway
Commentary Staff Writer
03/18/10 3:39 PM EDT

I bet residents of Michigan don't know whether to laugh or cry at their hapless governor right now:

Convicted embezzler and scam artist Richard Short was back in a Flint jail Wednesday -- a day after taking a stage with an unwitting Gov. Jennifer Granholm to celebrate a $9.1-million state tax break for his new company.
State officials who oversee the breaks -- but don't do background checks -- were mortified. Republicans called for investigations into how a felon duped a state agency.

Short, 57, couldn't actually take the credits until he made good on his business plan: spending $18.5 million and hiring 765 people to convert a former Flint chassis plant and build and ship renewable energy and sanitation equipment to African villages.

He didn't tell the state that he'd served nearly six years in jail and prison for embezzling money from a Muskegon-area battery-maker, or that he'd been convicted for bank loan fraud.

Short was arrested at his Flint home Wednesday for a possible parole violation because he hadn't paid restitution for his past crimes."

From the Washington Examiner.

Image from these guys.

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