Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hannity Embraces Wilsonian Fascism?

Earlier I heard conservative commentator Sean Hannity state that he thought the idea of an "undercover patient" program was a good idea. Several other republicans embraced the issue after it was proposed during today's health care debacle. What an astounding statement to come from republicans and a supposed conservative.
Now I enjoy Hannity's program, although he is not my favorite conservative commentator. And I am not in any way supporting or trying to justify health care insurance fraud. That being said, the very idea of having the government send people into private businesses to spy on them, without the legal precursor of just cause is fascism pure and simple. What the republicans are proposing, and Hannity is supporting is nothing more than a medical American Protective League. Hopefully the republicans and Hannity will put some more thought into this one. But I doubt it.

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