Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily News Brief

Some days you wake up and it seems like the whole world is upside down, don't it?

Apparently being commander of one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in the world won't get you a spot on INTERPOL's watch list. Of course being one of the good guys who eliminated this dirt bag from the gene pool will:

"....Interpol placed the 11 members of the alleged hit squad on its most-wanted list Thursday to prevent them from traveling on what are believed to be fake passports. The international police agency issued the red notices — its highest-level alert — on the request of Dubai authorities."

So, to clarify. Dubai, a well known state sponsor of terrorism, puts up a Hamas commander in one of their swankiest hotels. The terrorist gets whacked. Dubai calls up INTERPOL and all of the sudden the guys who killed the bad guy are on the most wanted list. Get all that? Complete story via FOX News.

What else is news today?

"Officials investigating whether pilot of single-engine plane intentionally flew into Austin, Texas, office building...." Apparently the fact that the guy burned his house down before embarking on his Kamikaze run wasn't a dead give away that he probably did it on purpose...

The head UN guy in the ever changing "Man-Made (enter your own weather related event here)" is stepping aside. In a related note, the "Al Gore Snowman" contest has is currently judging participants.

In economic news, jobless claims rose sharply despite predictions that they would fall this month. Along with the poor performance of the jobs numbers, inflation tripled causing panic among investors.

On a happier note, the rampant zombie situation has improved thinks in part to my spending far to many hours playing Left 4 Dead 2.

That is all.


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