Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dig It

I haven't been posting much lately, despite all that's been going on. To be honest with you, I'm usually so busy following everything and getting ready for Christmas with the family I simply haven't posted like I've been wanting to.
For that, I apologize to the three other people, (Besides me) who actually visit this blog on a somewhat semi-regular basis. ;)

The year ahead promises to be long and difficult for many of us. The economy is bad and getting worse. The unemployment numbers continue to grow. This is will the Christmas that our children will remember as the "one where they didn't really get anything good". I guess every kid has one of those Christmas memories, some have more that one. Hopefully, our children and yours won't have any more.

Keep your heads up, your bellies full, and your hearts steeled.

That is all,