Thursday, December 10, 2009

Michigan Smoking Ban

Welcome to the People's Republic of Michigan

Michigan, long a bastion of of democratic insanity, politically beholden to a few massive, decaying urban centers, took away another bit of individual liberty today. A long debated bill to ban smoking in public places finally passed the republican controlled Senate. The democrat controlled House quickly agreed to a few minor changes in the overall bill, most notably the exemption of the Motor-City casinos, and bingo! Another tiny slice of freedom was snuffed out via legislative ineptitude.

Let it be noted for the record that I am not a smoker. I never have been. Personally, I dislike coming home from the pub reeking of smoke. None the less, I respect that other people do enjoy having a cigarette. If I come to a place where people are smoking, and it bothers me too much, I go some where else.
Like many things to come out of the political apparatus, this ban seems to be a solution in search of a problem. Outside of bars where smoking is fairly common, I can't remember the last time I encountered someone smoking in public. Rarely do I see people smoking outside in their travels, rarer still is the sight of someone smoking in a restaurant. Smoking seems to be one of those bad habits that has slowly phased out of the overall public experience.

None of this seems to matter to the geniuses in Lansing, who in their infinite wisdom have declared once again that we must be saved from ourselves. Despite being at the absolute bottom of the trash heap economically speaking, it apparently was deemed wise to further burden the few remaining businesses in the state. The ban will limit smoking in public places such as government buildings, bars and restaurants. For now.
Democratic super-star Sen. Tupac Hunter, from the beautiful and thriving city of Detroit thinks today's bill doesn't go far enough:

"It will be a great day in this state when we are totally, 100 percent smoke free ... (but) I'm very proud of what we've done today,"

Reveling in the Christmas spirit Michigan's uber-governor Jennifer Granholm(D) added her own thoughts on the bills passage, telling reporters, "It's a terrific gift to Michigan".

It's too bad that Granholm, Tupac, and the rest of the congressional useless in Lansing don't spend more time trying to resuscitate Michigan's economy, and less time being concerned with citizens health choices.

On a side note, shame on the Michigan Senate republicans. You guys are supposed to be for individual liberty and business. You failed on both counts here.

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