Saturday, November 21, 2009

I saw something that was really, funny on T.V. today. A commercial, touting all the wonderful reasons why you should pack your bags and head to California. Staring Ah-nold, his wife, and a short list of B-rate actors. That anyone would want to vacation in a state that may not even exist in another six months is beyond me, and comical. But what was really funny is that they've been running this commercial all day in Michigan. That my friends, is priceless.....

On another note, I haven't written anything political in a while. And to the two other people who come here on a semi-regular basis, I do truly and sincerely apologize. I have simply been burned out by everything that's been going on in that area. No excuses, just a fact. I watch this stuff and it's like I've been given a shot of Thorazine. If that isn't a sure sign of burn-out, I don't know what is.

So, I've decided not to wax-philosophical about that subject until my brain has healed. Instead, I'm delving in Gibbons "Decline and fall of the Roman Empire" again. I'
m looking for something specific this time. The piece Gibbon wrote about how the Roman Judaical system become so bloated with bills and laws that the people lost all faith in it. That seems to be of particular importance nowadays.

Alas, I have burnt through the little bit of inspiration I had to even write this, so I'm off to get my daily dose of Thorazine.


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