Thursday, October 15, 2009

With All The Labels

With all the labels that come with a liberal administration, I've decided to give one to myself. No longer will people like me be referred to as "Gun owning, god fearing, racist, hillbillies."

From now on, I'd prefer to be referred to as a Constitutional Storm Trooper.

Please address me as such from now on.


  1. well mr constitutional stormtrooper I hope you are on the side of the rebellion and not the "first galactic empire" uhh...Obama's America..

  2. LOL You know I'll be one of the good guys. Remember, it was the Galactic Republic before it was subverted by the ultra-popular,
    well spoken dakr Sith lord. Who just happened to be the enemy in disguise. Wow, this is all giving me de-javu all over again.....

  3. Wow, it seems as if the recession has hit stormtroopers as well...

  4. Thanks Sorrow, that'll go in a future post for sure :)