Thursday, October 15, 2009

Todays Bit Of Insanity

So what is in the headlines today, October 15?
Let's see:

Well for starters, the Russians have gone from snubbing us on the missile defense, any missile defense to "warning" us again. No surprise there. Obama's hair must be damn near pure white by now.

BTW, as was noted yesterday, Russia has re-written their pre-emptive strike doctrine for nuclear weapons. Apparently the Obama Admin took that as a signal to review our pre-emptive strike doctrine. Only Obama's crew decided we no longer need the pre-emptive strike clause and more likely than not will drop the entire thing.

The Talib's and al-gayda are launching a series of attacks in Pakistan hoping to break the Paki government before the impending invasion of the Talib stronghold in the Swat valley.

Obama, just like his homie Bill Clinton has sold our military tech out to the Chinese. The "One" has decided that the White House no longer needs to be bothered with review the sale of missile tech to China, instead dumping that matter of domestic security on the commerce dept.

And in a story that should surprise absolutely NO ONE, it was revealed today that ever since the ambush they suffered in Afghanistan, where they lost about a dozen troops, the French have been paying the local Taliban to leave them alone.

That's all for now. Have a groovy day

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