Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starting To See A Patern

I've noticed a pattern. All these lefty's who can't wait to jump on people with any sort of moral compass seem to be incapable of honoring their marriage vows.

This weeks loser is liberal late night host, David Letterman. Letterman, a husband and father, announced he's been sleeping with Several female employees. What a winner.

Perhaps the reason why people like Letterman love to trash people with morals is because they simply do not have any of their own.

[Edit: O.K. so I thought more on this and I have started to see an even broader pattern emerging. People with no moral compass, criminals, dirt bags, pond scum, etc. are inherently sympathetic towards other like-minded individuals. Because they lack any moral standing of their own, they cannot comprehend it in others. This would explain why lefty's like Letterman can bash someone like Palin, for having some moral standing while simultaneously violating their marriage vows. This is also the same reason why so many lefty's have come out in support of child rapist Polanski. They must support this type of behavior while ridiculing moral behavior, because in doing so, they validate their own backwards reasoning.]

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