Friday, October 2, 2009

So the Olympics are going to Rio, Brazil. Despite the personal intervention of Obama and his wife, and Oprah. The "Child of the World" has just been given a collective time out.

There's a bigger lesson to be learned here. Losing the Olympics is part of something greater. Many describe it as the "Post-American" era. Obama basically ran on the platform. He's spent he time abroad endorsing the idea with his constant apologies and "humble" attempts to reach out.

But what Obama, (And the left in general) seems to miss is that humility, in geo-politics projects weakness. And weakness creates chaos.

Politics is nothing more than pre-combat, combat. Politics is war in the post-Neanderthal world of modern humans. After we lose our political war with another nation, then we can move on to the physical combat.

That is not to say diplomacy isn't vital. However, diplomacy from a weak position is interpreted as such. You must have not only the ability, but the will to back your position with real, tangible power.

Obama ran on the Post-American platform. Pledging to put America firmly in it's place as simply one nation among many. And that's what he did.

Post-American doesn't mean we still rule the roost. And that is something Obama should think long about before he addresses the world again.

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