Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Running List

I'm thinking about keeping a running list of things that the Uber-POTUS (!) does that I think were wise things to do. The list has been fairly small up to this point. Every so often he does one right in my eyes and I've got no problem giving credit where it's due.
This is one of the great things about being an Independent. You can say "Good job" to either side without feeling guilty about it. That brings us to this weeks ata boy.

The Obama admin released a memo late Friday night declaring a national emergency over the spread of the H1N1 "swine Flu". Why is this a wise thing to do?

Swine flu is a rapidly absorbed and relatively fast acting strain of influenza. It's viable for up to eight hours on most surfaces, making it especially virulent. That means it spreads quickly and easily and it lives on almost anything for a significant period of time.
Swine flu coverage, like most everything out of the press, has bordered on mass psychosis. People a freaking out, big-time. Swine flu isn't the most deadly by a long shot. However, the constant regurgitation of swine flu related BS has given the impression that we are all, quite literally, going to die. Soon.

In light of this, the grand ayatollah of progressive liberalism made a smart decision and let the national emergency memo go late Friday night. The national emergency allows the medical apparatus do things like sectioned quarantine, (in medical facilities) and prioritize treatment for children and the elderly over a relatively mild case in a healthy adult. Putting this out there ala Van Jones in the middle of the "off news cycle" ensured that most people didn't hear about it and undoubtedly quashed the inevitable mass panic that would have accompanied a Monday, mid-afternoon announcement.
So we'll add this to the short list of things BHzerO has done right:
1.) Told young colored kids to pull there pants up. "Come on man, no one wants to see that...."
2.) Called kayne west a "Jackass".
3.) Released the H1N1 announcement at the least damaging time.
I think there was another one, but I honestly can't remember it...

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