Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Geo-Political Changes? Well Not So Much

There's a couple important things going on right now, in relation to our communist friends in Russia. To begin with Russia is to be given unprecedented on-the-ground access to secret American nuclear sites. Putin, the true leader of Russia, has re-written their military doctrine to allow for "Pre-emptive" nuclear strikes. Lastly, despite the pleading and begging of the Obama admin, despite flushing our own national security interests and cancelling the European missile shield, Russia has stuck to the no sanctions approach to the Iran problem.

These reactions to the "open hand" style of diplomacy will only surprise those who are to young to know geo-political history, or those completely ignorant of it. The Russians don't want our friendship. They want works towards their own interests, which is fine. That, in the end, is what every nation wants. It's foolish to sacrifice our own interests in the name of "friendship" with those who historically could care less.

Russia has a vested interest in a nuclear Iran. There is a long history of Russian/Iranian relations. A solid position to mediate middle eastern affairs is what Russia seeks, and what a nuclear Iran will deliver.

One can only hope that all this public failure in diplomacy is simply a smoke screen for more successful negotiations in secret. Were this anyone other than Putin, a die hard cold war, KGB man, I would be more inclined to entertain that idea. When dealing with agressive, hard-line nations, the "open-hand" must never be substituted for the "closed-fist".

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