Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well No Kidding......

"Young Americans showed their collective power when they helped vote President Obama into office......Since the election, though, that fervor has died down — noticeably....."It's one thing to get excited about a presidential candidate. It's another thing to become a responsible citizen," says Jennifer Donahue, political director for the New Hampshire Institute Of Politics."

What I've been saying since the election. Please allow me a minute to blow some smoke up my own ass here.

Obama won the election on the backs of the younger generations of voters. Now, there's some important things to know about this youth vote.

#1.) Most of these people either weren't born, or were just little, little kids during the 1990's, when Clinton's inept handling of terrorism brought us 9-11.

#2.)These kids spent the years of their teens and early twenties being told daily by every part of the national news media and entertainment sector that Bush & Co. is evil, republicans are racists, and conservatives are religious wacko's. However, the trend has always been that most young people swing from left to right when they have families and children.

#3.) Obama talked a lot about people having "Skin in the game", which most of these kids do not. BUT, over the next four years many of them will be graduating from college, getting jobs, buying houses, having kids, and PAYING TAXES ON ALL OF THAT. Then this idea of redistribution, and making sure everything is fair and everyone has skin in the game will become a real, true reality.

If Yahoo! news is running a story like that, you can bet it's twenty times worse than they're portraying it to be.

My prediction, again, Next fall, MASSIVE Republican take over of the House and major gains in the Senate, obama as either a one term president, or being forced to move to center like Clinton was.

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