Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama Runs Scared, Hides from FOX News

Obama's T.V. blitz is almost assuredly a complete and utter failure. The only two things to come out of it are these:

1.) Obama doesn't know what the definition of "Tax" is.

2.) Obama doesn't have the balls to go on the #1 rated, most watched news network in the nation: FOX news. He was too scared to even go on the perennially neutral Chris Wallace show.

On the first point, obama's exchange with Goerge Stephenoupoulus was extraordinary to watch. To begin with, I couldn't believe Georgie boy actually threw obama a fast ball there. Secondly, I couldn't believe he actually read the dictionary definition to obama when obama clearly didn't know what a "Tax" by definition is.

Obama's dodging of FOX news shows how little integrity obama actually has. If he really, truly believed the tripe he's trying to sell, he would never skip the nation's biggest venue to sell it. It's not like his choice is Glenn Beck or nothing. He could do Shep Smith, Wallace, the moring show, hell even that liberal hack He-Raldo.

But his snub of FOX is clearly seen for what it is: a punishment for daring to question or criticize the "one's" agenda, for daring to give any voice to the opposition.
It's also telling that obama considers his absence a punishment. Little bit O' narcissism anyone?

What ever the reasoning is, it clearly isn't working. FOX shows continue to dominate at every time slot, while the state -run NBC brand, (including MSNBC) and other sycophant's in the "main-stream" media continue to hemorrhage viewers. The plight of the obamessiah media has gotten so bad that they are starting to float around the idea of a News-paper "bail-out".

Obama can run from FOX. He can shit-talk those who publicly question or oppose him. He will lose that battle. The only question is how much is it going to cost him? His second term? The support of the myriad factions that make up the democratic party? The ever shifting independent voter?

My guess is all of the above. What I think we're witnessing here folks, is the making of the most inept presidency in American history. Now, how's that change for ya?

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