Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Obama Enigma

Chaos reigned today in the Obama White House as an estimated 2 MILLION American citizens marched on the nation's capital in protest of the impending nationalization of the private health care industry and the recently released report showing record high national debt.

The Obama administration seems unable to understand the speed with which the American people, who just a few short months ago supported him by a wide margin, have turned against him and his policies. In their failure to grasp the obvious answer to this question ObamaCo have blamed the change on everything from cable news anchors to a "right-wing" conspiracy hatched by radical, racist, domestic terrorists.

However, the abrupt about-face in public opinion was brought about not by a vast conspiracy from a shadowy right-wing cabal, it was caused to Obama himself.

During the almost two year long campaign for the presidency, Obama ran not as the far left progressive liberal he is, but as a moderate democrat who appealed strongly to "Reagan democrats" and moderate republicans alike.

It doesn't require much digging to discover Obama's true political nature. The entirety of his political career, short though it is, is a text book example of progressive-liberal radicalism. His associates and his actions tell the true story of Obama. Domestic terrorists, black nationalists, white guilt mouth pieces, and a hefty dose of anti-constitutionalism are there for anyone who bothers to look.

Never the less, that is not the Obama that ran last fall and ultimately secured the POTUS nomination. That was the middle of the road, post-racial America Obama. Respecter of 2nd Amendment rights, Defender of American exceptionalism, champion of liberty, and scourge of terrorists around the world. In fact one could say the polar opposite of the Obama who now presides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

What will it take for ObamaCo. to understand the outrage of the American citizens, if 2 million knocking on his front door isn't enough? Or do they even care. It's impossible to think that ObamCo doesn't understand where this growing backlash is coming from. Call it buyers remorse, call it realization that came to late, either way the outcome will be the same.

Unless Obama begins to govern as the leader he campaigned as, his will go down in history as one of the most inept, sorry, and failed presidencies ever. No longer will Jimmy Carter be the standard by which liberal failure is measured.

It's not to late. Obama can still deliver the moderate, post-racial uniter. But if he's going to do this, he had better do it now. Because when you have 2 million people trekking across the nation on their own dime, in the midst of a crippling recession, to try and get your attention, the clock has almost run out.

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